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Why should you choose us?

We keep it simple and we do it with integrity

Simply put, getting a new car does not have to be a miserable experience the way so many dealers make it. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get you a bottom line, out-the-door price. It shouldn't take all day to take delivery of a vehicle. It shouldn't be like pulling teeth to get straightforward answers to your questions. At Benchmark Auto Sales you will never have to deal with this type of nonsense. With us if you ask a question, you will get an answer... Decide on a car, we will get you on the road in under an hour... Want a bottom line price so you can make a decision, we will give it to you in less than five minutes. We just do it the right way. It's not that complicated, really!

We do things the right way at Benchmark Auto Sales because we believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality cars. It is our mission to make the process of getting a new car the simplest, quickest and easiest possible. Whether you are interested in our in-house financing options or want to take advantage of the many outside lenders we have access to for financing, we are able to meet your needs and actually make getting a new car enjoyable again! And all of this is done in a no nonsense and no pressure environment where you will be treated with respect and appreciated as our customer.

Additionally, we will not sell a car 'AS-IS' to our customers. Think about that for a minute. If we cannot stand behind the car with a warranty, we won't sell it. We could not do this if we did not uphold the strictest of standards for what we will put on our lot. Our saying is, 'If you wouldn't send your Mom to Atlanta in it for the weekend, you cannot sell it on our lot.' Refusing to sell cars 'As-Is' means something, and we think it says a lot about who we are. Come see what makes us different and better today!!!

In-House Financing Program Features

We are so confident in our vehicles that we include a powertrain warranty for the life of the lease on every vehicle financed through BMAS!* And this warranty is through us... meaning you will never have to call a third party on a 1-800 number and fight with them about fixing something that has gone wrong with the vehicle. If something is not right, you will talk directly with us. Actually, everything we do is in house when you finance with us so you will only have to talk with us about any problems that may arise over the life of your lease. We also pay the property taxes on the vehicle for the life of the lease, we include a GAP waiver for the life of the lease, we cover towing charges for vehicles needing a warranty repair for the life of the lease, we include oil changes every six months and we have options for you to get into a new vehicle every 13 months. That's right, drive a different car every 13 months!!!** This is all included in the posted down payment and weekly payments... Meaning we will never ask you for more money down than what we already have posted online. With BMAS what you see is what you get!

Our approvals are based on 20% of your net income and we do not ever check your credit. Our entire philosophy is based on the fact that financing a car should be simple. Come see the difference for yourself today!

*Mileage restrictions apply.
**See 'Trade Options' tab above

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9:00AM - 5:30PM

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1080 Spartanburg Highway
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Phone: (828) 595-8120


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